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Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic
Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic
Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic
Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic

What does being Psychic mean?

Being psychic, for me, means I can see, hear and sense people who have passed over from this life into the spirit world. They show themselves to me in various forms, they can look like a small white mist, an orb which can look like a ball of light or sometimes can be there clearly visible with colour. They use our energy to come forward and the more open a person is to the spirit world the easier they find it to communicate.

Reasons people have a reading

People come to me for all different reasons. The main reason is to communicate with loved ones who have passed away and receive messages from them.

Why book a reading with me?

I have a natural gift for communicating with spirit as I have been able to do this since a very young age. When I was a teenager I took psychic development classes which enabled me to learn how to use my gift correctly and safely. After completing the classes I started doing readings and have now been reading for the past 5 years. I always make my clients feel relaxed and welcome in order for them to enjoy their reading. When you book an appointment with me I will mention that I do psychometry. This is where I hold items of jewellery, for instance, that you wear everyday. This holds your energy and means I can get a connection with you. I also hold specific items you have from a person who has passed to connect with their energy too, meaning that they come forward into the readings to pass on information. I also use my crystal ball and cards in my readings as this can bring more information and confirmation to my clients.

My Readings

My Readings

My Psychic Diary

My Psychic Diaries

My Psychic Life

My Psychic Life

What my clients say…

“I had an amazing reading with Megan today. It was so in depth and accurate, even down to little details that no one would know.

Thank you for giving me so much reassurance and comfort, and for sharing your gift with us. I will definitely be booking in with you again in the future and recommending you to my friends and family.”




The absolute most amazing girl!! put me at ease instantly, so friendly and lovely almost everything she said was spot on, put me at peace and solidified my theories!! would 100% recommend Megan to anyone, thankyou again!! xxx




I had a reading recently off Megan and WOW! I was blown away. It was such a special reading. my dad had passed away last year and came through on my reading. Even though I literally cried all the way through it has really helped knowing he was okay and is still with me watching over me… Megan knew things a stranger could never of known without her gift. She is so lovely and really makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her for a reading and I will 100% be sticking with her for the future. Thank you Megan xxx



Megan is truly incredible she will make you feel like you’ve known her for years… the reading was so in depth, it gave me tingles with how much she was explaining.

It was almost like she was reading my life out of a journal.

Such a special and beautiful soul definitely recommend. 10000%

Well-done Megan incredible huni XXX I can’t thank you enough xx




So Amazing ! I had a reading over FaceTime during lockdown and it was just as magical as face to face! You gave so much positivity during the reading and everything you said was spot on!!! Highly recommend if you’re thinking of having a reading to go with Megan! Blown away! Thankyou again for everything! xxx




Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic

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My name is Megan and I'm a Psychic based in Bolton.

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