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About Me - Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic
About Me - Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic
About Me - Megan Downs, Bolton Psychic

From a very early age I started seeing spirit which, as you can imagine, was quite scary. It was affecting my life in general and not something I could talk to my friends about, I didn’t want to be the odd one out at school so I didn’t tell anyone that I was seeing spirit.

I was lucky enough to have a family who believed what I was saying and not dismiss my comments. I used to say things about my relatives in spirit who I had never met before, so I told my family about this and they confirmed what I was saying which made me realise I had some sort of spiritual gift at this age.

When I was around 13 years old my mum came across Feathers Psychic Academy in Northwich who told her to bring me down to see them and they would help. I was introduced to Steve Furlong & Jackie Dennison, two extremely experienced mediums who own Feathers. They were fantastic with me and showed me how to close my chakras which would stop spirit visitors until I was ready to use my gift. They made me feel like I was just a normal girl and told me my future will be working with spirit forever.

I soon started their Psychic Development classes where I learned how to open and close my chakras, ground and protect myself, see auras and generally how to use my gift safely. At the same time I was attending Manchester College where I was studying Music, here I felt more comfortable about talking about my ‘ghostly visitors’ as I was getting older. My friends here welcomed me telling them, for example “their nana was stood with them” and I would describe their family in spirit. This was nice for me as I was beginning to see how much comfort I could bring to others. I started seeing lots of ghostly apparitions at the Manchester College, on the outside the building looked modern but inside was a whole new paranormal world for me as a music student just wanting to concentrate on her grades. I saw lots of wounded and sick ghostly figures in uniform and one time I ran out of the female toilets in fright because I saw a young lady in there who looked sick and I blinked and she vanished. I later found out that the college was used as a hospital in WW1 for the Royal Army Medical Corps which again was confirmation that what I could see was my spiritual gift fast developing as I got older.

I successfully finished my music course and my level 1, 2 and 3 Psychic Development Courses with Feathers and was very excited when Feathers Academy asked me to work with them as a psychic medium. I accepted and started off by doing lots of practice readings to build up my confidence. Once I felt confident enough to meet the public I started booking them in from my home in Bolton and became self employed as a full time psychic medium.

Every reading I do is different and I am grateful to each and every person who comes to see me. Readings can be emotional on all levels.

People come to see me for different reasons, whether they want to connect with a specific passed loved one or whether they have some issues in their lives they need guidance with.

As a full time psychic medium I have to keep myself grounded and recharge my batteries now and then because working with spirit can be draining. To do this I spend a lot of time meditating, I also like to go for walks in the woods, hug a tree or two, be in tune with nature and charge my crystals in the full moon and do something normal like read a book, watch television or see my family and friends.

I absolutely love my job and I am still in contact with Jackie Dennison and Steve Furlong and lots of other mediums who are very supportive from Feathers Academy. I have lots of exciting paranormal projects and filming I will be involved in as well as working with for my psychic diaries YouTube channel.