How I Work

How I Work

During my development I came to realise where my strong points are. First and foremost is my connection with spirit, I feel privileged that the spirit world has chosen me to connect with them.

Before anyone comes to see me I do a meditation for that person. I ask spirit connected to that person to come forward and give me information about the person that they can relate to. Information can be very random and obviously not mean anything to me at the time but I trust in what I am being told and write it down on my tick list. During the mediation I get emotions from the person I am connecting to and get a feel of how that person may be feeling. My tick list, as I call it, is my starting point for when the person arrives.

Psychometry is something I also have the ability to do. This is where I hold an item of jewellery for instance, that you may wear everyday, this holds your energy which helps me to connect with you. If you have sentimental items from loved ones who have passed I can hold those and get their energy too, this helps your loved ones to connect with me so I can pass on information to you about them and hopefully give you a message. If you have photos of people, past or present, I am happy to hold the picture as they also hold energy. I have a Crystal Ball which I ask you to hold and put your questions to, this also picks up your energy, I then hold the Crystal Ball which again gives me a connection to you. I have some beautiful Angel Cards which are designed to help with specific questions you have. Three cards are usually picked by yourself and I will tell you the meaning of those cards which will guide you with your questions.

I feel very honoured to be working with spirit and very lucky that I can communicate with them on your behalf. I will be their ‘telephone line’ for as long as they need me in order to pass on any information they have to pass on to you.

If you book an appointment with me I will explain firstly what will happen, this is to put your mind at rest that nothing ‘spooky’ will happen and that you are in safe hands.

My readings are approximately 30-40 minutes and are £35.

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