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My Readings

My Readings - Megan Downs Psychic
My Readings - Megan Downs Psychic
My Readings - Megan Downs Psychic

Before every reading I do a meditation, firstly I ground my energy and protect myself with white light, I open up all my chakras and ask spirit connected to the person I am reading for to step forward, I have spirit guides who make sure no other spirit come forward. During the meditation I ask spirit to give me information for the person I will be reading for, this information can be names, dates or sometimes something completely random that means nothing to me but can be vital to the person coming for the reading. I write down all the information I receive and I call this my ‘tick list’. For instance once I’ve passed on the information and my customer knows what it is I tick it off.

Face to Face Readings

Most of my readings are face to face, I work in my conservatory which overlooks the garden and is very peaceful and calm, I call it ‘my little spiritual room’. I light candles and burn incense to create an even more calm atmosphere, you even have the added advantage of watching the birds landing on the bird table and I have a robin that visits frequently.

Lots of people associate robins with spirit so it’s lovely when I’m reading and the robin puts in an appearance. I like people coming for a reading to feel comfortable, some people can be quite nervous if they’ve not had a reading before so it’s important to me that they feel relaxed and safe and that’s why this room is prepared properly.

As well as connecting with spirit for your reading I also use various cards, I have many different oracle cards that I use including Tarot cards and also have rune stones which can help with questions you have.

Tea leaf readings are very popular, they are unusual and unique and my customers find it fascinating looking into the leaves when I point out specific things in the cup.

I also do psychometry which is holding sentimental items such as jewellery, material, clothing etc that belonged to a loved one who has passed, these items hold energy which I can connect to. You are welcome to bring a photograph or something belonging to them that you have to your reading.

I do my grounding, protecting and meditation in this room before any reading and connect to spirit and do my tick list. Once this is done I wait to welcome you, whether you are a returning customer or a new customer I always look forward to reading for you.


Video Readings

For those of you who are not able to come and see me because you live too far I can offer a video call reading which is usually done through Whatsapp, if you don’t have Whatsapp then we can use Messenger. This works exactly the same as a face to face reading, spirit come through to me just as they would if you were in the room with me. I do your cards and pick them on your behalf, I’ll show you them on the screen and even send you a picture of the cards and my tick list for you after your reading is finished.