Suzanne – January 2019

Dear Megan,

I just wanted to tell you how I enjoyed my reading today. I feel much better knowing that my lovely Dad is still with me and is helping me, he was my world when I was a child and as I was growing up. I’m very glad for my mum that she is getting help, I just hope that she can work it all out and she will take my dad’s help and guidance. I am ready to forgive her, this I feel most strongly at the moment.

Thank you so much for everything Megan, I know that you are a good soul and a special one. I feel this strongly too. I’m so happy to of had the chance to meet you and I know we will meet again.


Carolyn – Dec 2018

I saw Megan with a couple of my friends. We all had individual readings and we were all emotional afterwards…..she predicted that my partner would make a commitment, and soon….well he proposed to me Christmas Eve and I said yes! Thanks Megan



I went to see Megan tonight for a reading and she was absolutely brilliant! She made the whole experience feel comfortable. From ringing to explain how she works, to making sure I was relaxed and calm when I got there and throughout the reading.
Such a talented lovely lady. I would highly recommend!! Xx


Kathryn – June 2018

I made an appointment to see Megan after a recommendation from a friend. It was a lovely and emotional experience. Megan was so welcoming and made me feel relaxed instantly. The reading made sense and it felt like it was the right time in my life to experience this. I would highly recommend. Thank you xx


Jane – May 2018

Thank you so much to Megan for a fantastic reading, she was spot on with just about every detail and really put my mind at ease. I’d definitely recommend anyone no matter how sceptical to have a reading.


Rebecca – May 2018

So wonderful! This is my second reading and Megan was spot on about everything. Very welcoming and very good at explaining how she works to avoid any confusion! I will most definitely be returning Megan, thank you so much! I will be in touch xx


Lindsay – March 2018

Had an amazing reading with Megan. Some of the things she said made the hairs stand up on my neck. Incredibly accurate and told me things I didn’t know about until I checked with my family.


Claudia – Feb 2018

Saw the lovely Megan tonight and totally felt comfortable and relaxed with her. Megan has a very special gift and if you have a reading with her you’ll be amazed by her accuracy and her attention to detail is amazing. Lovely, lovely young lady who spends time on the spirit messages and does not rush you at all. I highly recommended her and look forward to seeing her again xxxx


Alicia – January 2018

Me and my mum had such a great reading with Megan, so accurate with everything she said! Would definitely recommend xx


Louise – January 2018

Megan very kindly did a reading for me last week. I was amazed not just by her accuracy but her interpretation of body language and mannerisms. The reading had left me with a sense of calmness and wellbeing, as well as an understanding of personal things.
Megan made me feel at ease straight away and is a very genuine young lady in every way.
I can honestly say the reading has had such a positive effect on my life that I can face 2019 square in the eyes.
Thank you xx


Helen – January 2018

I had a reading – the information before had was incredibly accurate then the personal reading was fantastic- truly gifted warm hearted amazing young lady


Rebecca – January 2018

Had my first ever reading this week, Megan was so calming and understanding of my anxieties and made me feel right at home. So many things came through that were relevant to my life at the moment, really took a lot of guidance and comfort from the reading which was unexpected. Really can’t wait for another. Big love xxx


Iain – December 2017

Thank you for a truly amazing reading today Megan. It was spot on and I loved how you used different methods of communication with spirit. Thank you. x


Zoe – Nov 2017

Would highly recommend Megan, lovely lady who makes you feel comfortable and has a definite gift x


Lorna – November 2017

My first ever reading and I was amazed with the things that she said and that some were very specific. I am definitely going to go again in the future. Megan is very welcoming and a lovely lady


Gemma – Oct 2017

I had a reading with Megan last week and it was really good! I can’t believe how much stuff came through that was so relevant! Felt really comfortable and can’t wait to come again for another reading. Megan you have a great gift, trust yourself with it! you really are great! See you soon x


Kerry – October 2017

Had a reading with Megan this week she is a very talented young lady with a very special gift. She made us feel welcome in her home and shared some amazing spirit messages with us. She was accurate with a lot of things that no one else would know about was in AW and we still are!! Would highly recommend her and will definitely be seeing her again in the future. Thank you megan xx

Danni – Oct 2017

Had a wonderful reading with meg today! She instantly made me feel at ease and passed on several messages from those in spirit. As it was my first reading I was unsure what to expect but meg explained everything in great detail and defiantly left me feeling happy and reassured.


Stephanie – Sept 2017

Just got back from a reading with Megan she she has a amazing gift and is a lovely young lady I would recommend her to anyone thank you Megan x


Rebecca – Aug 2017

I went to see Megan today and she was brilliant. So genuine and lovely and my reading was definitely interesting. Some of the messages she gave were comforting and she was very specific and accurate. Will definitely see her again. Thank you Megan xxx


Emily – August 2017

Megan was so accurate and her reading was really insightful and healing. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with their loved ones in heaven. Thank you x


Emma – July 2017

When someone has a genuine gift it’s obvious and Megan certainly has it in abundance. Although still very young compared to many others her talent shines through. She was very accurate giving so much detail that I felt my loved ones were truly there. She has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease so If you’re curious, unsure or even a non believer then I’d highly recommend you go and see Megan. Thank you for the comfort you’ve given me today you’ve made me truly happy.


Rachel – May 2017

I met Megan last year (early 2017), the first time we met I had just found out a few weeks prior to the appointment that I was pregnant with my first child. I entered the room with Megan telling me that I was in fact pregnant something which had only been discussed between myself and my partner as I was only 6 weeks pregnant at the time.
She picked up on my brother in spirit and described him well she also picked up on things I felt about his passing that only I knew and had never takes about. She also picked up on a separation with my sister and described her at the time she was sporting blue hair which Megan felt was confusing when she described a woman with blue hair to my surprise I could confirm it was indeed my sister.
She referred to my partner as my husband as although I said we were just partners she felt he would one day be my husband. She’d described his unusual hobby’s, his job role and his appearance perfectly.
Megan also foresaw us with a child outside a house with a for sale sign…we’d begin saving for a mortgage and this was our next step after the birth of our child.
Further on during my pregnancy I tasked Megan with guessing the gender of our baby which she correctly picked up was a baby boy.
So a year on I felt enough time and pivotal circumstances had passed so would benefit from a new year new outlook reading.
The session was free flowing and abundant with information, she felt a few events very strongly which were the focus of the reading.
1. Was marriage, she felt my partner would ask me to marry him in the not so distant future. We’d discussed this but felt maybe once the dust had settled post baby
2. He would change his job role
3. We would be expecting a second child in the not so distant future. A female child
4. Abundance
…2 weeks after my reading my partner asked me to marry him! He’d planned it for weeks
…we had been discussing our second child the day of and prior to the reading and discussed keeping a close age gap
…offers and discussions were made about my partners job role were made within the week following my reading…
…I received a pay rise and potential career progression for my return from May leave later on in the year
…as for the baby news…we’ll see where we are in another 12 months
Megan has established my pregnancy with my first baby, my engagement, my partners career changes, us making steps towards purchasing a house and abundance. Her ability to understand my complex nature is outstanding as well as her foresight. Her ability has incredible depth sometimes surprising to herself and her level of warmth and kindness is in the purest form. I highly recommend a reading with Megan her profession is evidently her passion and this results in her level of accuracy and true and honest readings.
An all round amazing individual who I’m blessed to have met and certainly one that will play a role in my life for as long as she’ll have me and my family.
Thank you Megan keep up the incredible work xxxxxx


Zoe – May 2017

AMAZED. I was shocked about how much stuff Megan knew. She made me feel at peace with myself. Will definitely be visiting again. Megan had a friendly, welcoming energy and made me feel so comfortable. Thanks Megan


Liz – May 2017

I had a fantastic reading with Megan she was very accurate, friendly and welcoming. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I look forward to another reading in a few months time thanks Megan xx


Vicki – April 2017

Thank you Megan from myself and my mum. So accurate with everything you told us today and such a lovely comfort to connect with our loved ones. I will be recommending you to all of our friends and family, thanks so much x


Leanne – March 2017

Had a great reading. Very similar things said that tie in with other mediums and tarot readings that I have been too. Such a friendly and calming environment too. Thank you xxx


Elise – Feb 2017

Megan was absolutely amazing this afternoon everything she said was spot on. Told me loads of information about my past ones and what’s happening in my present. Taken lots away from my reading and left happy and full of hope for the future. If you are thinking about going to see her I highly recommend as she’s the best psychic I’ve ever been to and I’ve seen many 💕


Callie – Feb 2017

Megan is an amazing person I had a reading with her today and I cant believe how bang on she got everything loved it thanks meg xxxx

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